KSS School of PAs run Ward Round Training sessions for all PA students in the area from Canterbury Christ Church (CCCU), University of Surrey and Brighton & Sussex Medical School. 

Ward rounds are a vital part of hospital medicine and PAs are in a position to play a key role in their delivery. The training session prepares students for that role and is led by Dr Natalie King, Head of the KSS School of PAs and Consultant Physician in Acute and Geriatric Medicine at Surrey & Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (SASH).

Each training session lasts for three hours and begins with an in depth presentation on the role that ward round team members play, documentation standards and how ward rounds are structured. Students are also given key tips on how to play a successful role in the rounds, such as the crucial importance of preparation; the need to identify unwell or potential discharge patients in advance, and the importance of developing a checklist or routine for each consultation.

Following the presentation, the students take part in three simulated ward scenarios in the simulation suite at SASH.