This 2 week course was first introduced in 2018 with the Surgical Year Certificate Programme, aiming to support PAs working in surgery and giving them the opportunity to practice skills that are often expected in the surgical environment but most PAs have had little time to practice them. This being the sixth course we have run at CCCU, Medway Campus, simulation suite we were happy to have many returning faculty to teach our now established programme, as well as welcoming new members to the team. The 7 PAs attending appreciated the consultants’ expertise in teaching and the relatability and enthusiasm of junior doctors. Everyone enjoyed the course throughout with the most popular sessions being wound debridement of a turkey leg, tendon repair using pigs trotters as well as practical arthroscopy and laparoscopy skills, applied anatomy and a full days teaching on anaesthetics. I would like to thank all the faculty for giving up their time to continually support this course and the PAs who attended for being engaged and attentive.