Professional Indemnity for PAs

Physician Associates require professional indemnity coverage if they are to practice in the UK.

The indemnity arrangements for practicing PAs in trusts is covered by the Department of Health’s ‘Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts’ .

Nevertheless we strongly encourage PAs to take out their own professional negligence insurance from one of the medical defence organisations listed which would provide access to ‘non-claims’ type benefits such as assistance with disciplinary proceedings, advice on ethical or professional issues and access to support at coroners’ inquests. This level of membership is not expensive.

In primary care it is important that PAs have their own ‘claim grade’ indemnity insurance which includes access to indemnity for claims brought against them. Naturally this type of indemnity is more expensive due to the additional liability. The annual PA census shows that in the majority of cases the cost of PA indemnity in primary care is covered by the employer. We suggest GP employers contact their own indemnity provider for guidance.


MDDUS provides healthcare professionals across the UK with access to indemnity, assistance and support.


The MDU is a medical defence organisation in the UK which offers medical indemnity for healthcare professionals.

Medical Protection

Medical Protection provides a range of services for members from its worldwide team of medicolegal experts.