Information on the Preceptorship Programmes at the South East School of PAs

The concept of a preceptorship year is increasingly used across clinical professions to support the development of both clinical and professional skills in complex clinical environments.  Following completion of their pre-registration education, support for new graduates on entry into the workforce has been demonstrated to enhance confidence and competence, providing a bridge between the supervision of the pre-registration learner and the mature clinician.

Preceptorship Guidance.

As part of the nationally agreed funding model introduced in 2018, NHSE has invested a £5000 education support payment for Practices/Primary Care Networks to support the development of the PA.

  • The Preceptorship is only being offered to either
    • (a) a PA who is commencing a programme in the first 12 months of practice after first gaining registration on the national register or
    • (b) a PA taking up their first post in primary care since gaining registration. This would also include the transition of PAs from secondary care taking their first role within primary care (there is no time limited on how many years post qualification this may be).
  • The preceptorship programme will be undertaken for a minimum of 1 year [whole time equivalent] and must entail a minimum of 50% [or 6 months’ full time equivalent] being spent in Primary Care.

Thames Valley & Wessex

The TVW application process is now online.  Please ensure you fill out the online questionnaire, as well as send us your completed templates Template Preceptorship Induction and Weekly Timetable  to se************@ro************.uk.

Our preceptorship programme benefits from our primary care educational sessions on the second Tuesday morning of each month which comprises of clinical, reflection and networking sessions. 

Please do get in touch with us if you are interested in learning more about the preceptorship or if you have any questions. 



Kent, Surrey and Sussex

The KSS Primary Care PA Preceptorship Programme has been running since January 2022  for qualified PAs “new to primary care” working in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

It is a 12 month programme.  Teaching sessions are weekly on Thursdays at 2 – 4.30pm, comprising fortnightly live educational sessions provided by multidisciplinary speakers and fortnightly set self-directed learning sessions on the alternate weeks. 

We have 3 cohort intakes each year in January, April and August.

The programme also provides the preceptees with 1 hour each month of mentoring with an experienced, trained PA in Primary Care. 

We purchase a 12 month Red Whale CPD  license for our Preceptees to help support them in their practice and during the preceptorship sessions.

Applications for the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Primary Care PA Preceptorship Programme can be made online

All applications must be accompanied by an induction timetable and weekly job plan for the preceptee – please send these to:  ks*************@nh*.net

Please see below an evaluation from Jan 2023 and an example programme timetable.

If you have any questions about the programme or would just like to learn more, please do get in touch.